About us

Opening summer 2024! We are an English bookstore and café located in Lisbon’s elegant Avenidas Novas neighborhood. As part of the city’s evolving cultural landscape, our mission is to promote world literature in English, while highlighting Portuguese authors. 

We offer an inviting space for book lovers of all backgrounds to enjoy quality English books, great coffee and wine, and events dedicated to community building, engagement, and education. Ultimately, our aim is to further the literary culture in and of Portugal. Serving both Portuguese and international audiences, creating a community that truly embodies “Good Company.” 

Our Story

Like all great projects, Good Company started as a crazy dream shared by two friends in Uni. Coming from the USA and Brazil, but meeting in Switzerland where we studied for four years, it was an incredible coincidence that we both had family ties to Portugal. It’s been six years since we first day-dreamed about opening a bookstore together, and a lot has happened since.

We moved to Lisbon in 2018, did graduate programs in publishing and cultural management, got married, and worked as writers and editors for a variety of clients all over the world. All of this experience has led us here. We built Good Company to be the kind of place that we wanted to spend our days in, surrounded by beautiful books, great drinks, and like-minded people. Above all, we want Good Company to be a place that inspires and delights.

Thanks for being a part of this with us. – Sam & Gi

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